Our Brands

St. Petersburg's Craft Distillery

Our Brands

Old St Pete Logo

Founded in 2014 by the Iafrate family with the dream of developing a family business that would create and share spirits of the local community. With a love for their hometown, they wanted to take the spirit of St. Pete all over the country and the world.

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Tippler's Orange Liqueur

Nothing says Sunshine State-authentic like real Florida oranges. That’s what we start with when we make Tippler’s Orange Liqueur. We use whole Florida oranges—peels and all—to distill this high-quality liqueur that features the taste of sunshine and celebrates the tippling houses and coastal bars of old Florida’s tropical frontier.

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Oak & Palm

Beneath the old-growth oaks and tropical palms of St. Petersburg, an eclectic spirit has emerged, combining the relaxed pace of Florida with an appreciation for creative energy. It’s this unique blend that inspires St. Petersburg Distillery’s Oak & Palm Spiced and Coconut Rums.

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Banyan Reserve Logo

The banyan tree arrived in Florida when Harvey Firestone gave his friend Thomas Edison one as a gift. These gorgeous, sprawling trees hold a special place in the heart of our hometown and inspired our Banyan Reserve Vodka. Crisp and clean but complex, its robust, full flavor includes a hint of corn sweetness and a long finish that drinks well neat, on the rocks or in a great cocktail.

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